E-commerce consulting

We will help you scale your business and increase your return on investment.
Our e-commerce business specialists have over 10 years of experience in working on the largest business projects in Poland and Europe. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you to increase sales in your shop together. With us, you will be up to date with the current trends in e-commerce.

What does our service include?

Do you want to increase sales in your online shop? You don’t have time to optimise your e-business? Do you need a coherent concept for the development of your brand? Come to us and we'll take care of everything.

  • Business consulting
  • E-commerce consulting
  • Traffic analysis
  • E-commerce audit
  • Audit of marketing activities
  • Entering new markets
  • Ongoing consulting
  • Shopkeeping
  • Creation of an action plan and strategy

Constant contact

We are in constant contact with all our clients.

Constant development

We help clients develop their business so that they achieve the highest possible return on investment and constantly acquire new clients.

Common goal

We focus on the most important KPIs for the e-commerce industry and achieving a common goal. After all, we play to the same goal :)

How do we work?

01 Identification of needs

We start each project by identifying the client's needs. We check the scalability, functionality, demand and how given e-commerce can develop in the future.

02 Defining the framework for cooperation

We select the services that will be most useful and profitable for a given online shop and start implementing them as well monitoring for continuous optimisation.

03 Training and consulting

We provide continuous support and advice that allows you to sell more.

Our tools

We work on all popular e-commerce and CRM engines.

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    Case study

    Analysis of the most interesting cases - goals, assumptions and strategies that confirm the effectiveness of individual activities


    Case study 3

    Check what the process of implementing social proof solutions looked like on the example of one of our clients from the cosmetics industry. Read our case study and find out more!
    Coming soon


    Case study 2

    What was the process of building an online shop for our client from the clothing industry like and what results did we achieve after 2 months from the start? Read our case study and find out more!
    Coming soon


    Case study 1

    Check what marketing automation solutions we have implemented for one of our clients from the clothing industry and what effects we have achieved.
    Coming soon