E-commerce marketing

We create ads that are profitable and convert into sales.
We approach each online shop individually and carefully check the sales potential of products and the possibility of development in a given industry. Each meeting with the client is preceded by an appropriate analysis that shows us when and what we can achieve in a given time period.


Do you want to achieve specific results, such as an increase in the number of transactions, acquiring new leads or an increase in sales? Bet on performance marketing, where every money spent translates into the desired result.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Positioning
  • Diversification of e-commerce traffic

Our offer

Google Ads – Effective SEM campaigns

We run Google Ads campaigns which are one of the most effective advertising methods for the e-commerce industry. We specialise in selling products and increasing brand awareness.
Our certified specialists will select the appropriate strategy for your e-shop and focus on achieving the highest ROI.

Our offer:

  • +Search Ads
  • +Shopping Ads
  • +Gmail Ads
  • +Youtube Ads
  • +Google Display Network
  • +Mobile App Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Well-optimised ads in social media channels can sell and achieve very high returns on investment. By building an appropriate advertising structure and interesting message and graphics, we reach recipients who are interested in products from our shop.
We sell, engage and increase awareness of your brand.

Our offer:

  • +Facebook Ads
  • +Facebook Product Ads
  • +Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • +Facebook Lead Ads
  • +Facebook App Ads
  • +Instagram Ads
  • +Messenger Ads
  • +TikTok Ads
  • +LinkedIn Ads

Positioning – take care of online visibility

SEO and content marketing campaigns are crucial for shops that are going to grow. It is an investment that pays off in the future and brings benefits in the form of multiplied profit on the investment made. Our specialists recommend a combination of SEO, linking and content marketing in order to accelerate the expected effect and index key phrases in the Google network.

Our offer:

  • +Positioning of selected key phrases
  • +Content marketing
  • +Link building
  • +Website optimisation
  • +Content creation
  • +Word of mouth marketing

Diversification of e-commerce traffic

Acquiring new sources of traffic is one of the most important marketing activities for your shop. In our agency, we precisely define the potential of each shop and propose new sources of traffic that will sell profitably. Increasing the number of sources in the shop also has a positive impact on its safety and increase in recognition as well as attracting new customers.

Our offer:

  • +Google advertising
  • +Advertising in social media channels
  • +Affiliate marketing
  • +Product mailings
  • +Advertising in marketplaces
  • +Marketing automation
  • +Display networks
  • +Influencers
  • +Word of mouth marketing
  • +Content commerce (Agora, Onet, Interia, Edipresse websites)

Social Media + communication

Properly conducted communication on social media can be the key to success. We will help you build a group of engaged recipients through captivating content and effective communication.

  • Facebook Fanpage
  • Instagram Page
  • Newsletter and SMS

Our offer

Facebook Fanpage

Regular activity on Facebook is one of the essential elements of building a marketing strategy. Engaging your audience in various campaigns and providing them with even better service will bring your brand closer to potential and regular customers.

Our offer:

  • +Communication strategy
  • +Consistent key visual
  • +Creative and engaging content
  • +Fan page service and moderation

Instagram Page

Instagram has long been not just a platform where we only find photos. It is developing very dynamically and is able to attract a large number of active users and potential customers.

Our offer:

  • +Communication strategy
  • +Consistent key visual
  • +Creative and engaging content
  • +Fan page service and moderation

Newsletter i SMS

Newsletters are an important element of contact with the client. They help to create and maintain relationships, build a sense of mutual loyalty and cooperation, and also allow you to share knowledge with readers and thus build your authority.

Our offer:

  • +Building a customer base
  • +Graphic design of newsletters
  • +Automation of mailings
  • +SMS campaign management

Do you want to increase sales in your online shop?

Contact us and let's talk about your needs. Make an appointment for a 30-minute free call with our specialist. We will certainly be able to help you and we will expand your online business together.

    How do we work?

    01 Needs analysis and revenue estimation

    Thanks to access to Google Analytics and advertising accounts, we show development directions and a plan of revenues and costs for the next 12 months.

    02 Defining the framework for cooperation

    We select the services that will be most useful and profitable for a given online shop and start implementing them as well as monitoring for continuous optimisation.

    03 Start with ads and reporting

    All our activities are thoroughly reported and the strategy is set for 3 months ahead. The client has access to an individual Ecometrixo dashboard, where they constantly monitor the results of the e-shop.

    Do you have any questions?

    Do you need a custom solution?

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