Blog – a must-have in the e-commerce industry?

  • 09 22, 2021
  • 1 min czytania

What is an e-commerce blog? Does it help in selling products and increasing brand awareness?

A blog is a place where you can present your worldview to the client and convince them that you are creating a unique product or service. Thanks to blog entries, you help your client get to know you and your vision better. Before you start your blog, think about what you would like to tell the reader.

First, prioritise. Ask the sales and marketing team for help and involve everyone in the company who has contact with clients. Together, create a list of topics, then choose ones that would best reflect your brand’s philosophy.

We want to give you some ideas on how you can use the space of the written word.

Describe the new product, do pre-sales. Show the customer how to handle your product, tell them when to use it. To encourage periodic visits to the shop’s website or fan page, provide the reason why the customer would like to come back to you. Use the soon-to-be principle, apply the pre-sale discount.

It is also worth creating a competition. Thanks to this, clients will have a reason to come back to your website, for example, to check the results. 

You can also blog your product overview or educational videos by combining the video with a concise text comment. Remember to be honest with the customer. In the description, mark all the pluses and don’t omit the minuses.

Take care of the FAQ section. With the help of social listening and feedback from the customer service team, create a FAQ tailored to the expectations of your customers. 

Share your experience with clients and do it on the blog. Share the values, ideas and culture of the team that creates a unique product for the client. Go2ecommerce will take care of your brand’s sales results! Together we will achieve the goal!

Author: Iryna Majdanska