The impact of social media on consumer purchasing decisions

  • 09 22, 2021
  • 2 min czytania

What is customer service in social media? How does it affect consumers’ purchasing decisions?

You already know what are the “voice” and “tone” in social media and how they influence the purchasing decisions of customers. Another equally important aspect of social media is taking care of customers at the stages before making a purchase, during and after a successful conversion.

To better understand how customer care looks like in the digital world, remember what thoughts and emotions accompany you when shopping in a stationary shop. You want to see the products, talk to a consultant. You are willing to communicate your needs, you are open, you count on help and advice. It will be great if the shop assistant shows kindness, empathy and willingness to help. An additional advantage will be when they give you a smile, they are polite and communicative, and preferably they will stand by your side until the payment confirmation at the cash register disconnects you 😉

Do you ever come to a shop and you are not sure if you will make a purchase? You like the shop and it has positive opinions, but you are still waiting for someone to pay attention to you and understand what you are looking for. This applies to each of the shopping stages that you as a consumer go through.

It is quite a challenge to provide a high level of customer service, both in a stationary shop and in social media. So it is a titanic job to keep them at the proper level. Good SLA practices, i.e. Service-Level Agreement, which, according to the HubSpot Academy, will help you establish a good relationship with the client are very useful.

Desired SLA behaviours:

  • Speak by name. An individual approach will open the gate to the heart of the consumer 🙂
  • React quickly: efficiently respond to consumer reports or comments, both negative and positive. Inform the customer about the course of the reported complaint.
  • Create FAQ. Thanks to the combination of questions / answers you will save time.
  • List the rules of using the fan page, the so-called Regulations. Create this document primarily with consumers in mind, it will enable efficient use of the common internet space.
  • Keep all comments, especially negative ones. Turn customer dissatisfaction into satisfaction and do it in an open digital space.
  • When implementing the principles of the Service-Level Agreement, it is worth remembering the appropriate “voice” and “tone” that will best suit the readers of your content. The combination of the above-mentioned “ingredients” will help build a warm relationship with the customer, and thus – increase consumer satisfaction.

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Are you willing to go back to places where you feel good, noticed, appreciated, listened to? I am not even surprised! I like places like this too!

Make sure that clients want to come back to your e-space, and you will be rewarded 😉

Author: Iryna Majdanska