What is voice and tone in social media?

  • 09 22, 2021
  • 2 min czytania

The impact of social media on consumer purchasing decisions. What is voice and tone in social media? How does it translate into commitment and then a conversion?

Probably everyone knows how important is the role of social media today. Initially, we used them mainly for private purposes. We used Facebook to contact our loved ones and share precious moments with friends, YouTube to watch free videos, and Twitter to follow politicians or journalists’ posts. What made social media have a huge impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions in recent years?

Let’s check out some statistics. The report of the Chamber of Electronic Economy shows that 84% of new users “liking” brands in social media, actually like them. Social media allows you to bypass the long process of logging in to online shops because it can be done using a social media account, which is what 32% of consumers are satisfied with, an additional 38% use the “buy” button. e-Izba points out that 44% of users get to know new brands through social media, and 46% make a purchase thanks to them.

Okay! We already know that having an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube is important for the recognition of the company and expanding its reach. You are probably interested in how you can encourage followers to interact? That they would get involved, “like”, and then buy from you and recommend your products to their friends? Let’s go back in time. 

The main functions of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are making contacts, following people and expressing your opinion. This should be borne in mind when creating a fan page. A few paragraphs below you will understand why 😉

Social media users “like” groups, sites, companies and people who best suit their taste, meet their needs and “speak” their voice.

It is the “voice” and “tone” of the conversation that you should pay attention to because thanks to them the customer can get to know you better and like you. You need to individually adjust the “voice” and “tone” of content, which will be consistent on each channel.

Here are some questions that HubSpot Academy believes will help you find your “voice” and “tone”:

  • What is the purpose of my fan page? Do I want clients to get to know me better or maybe for the digital world to know about my existence?
  • Who am I writing for? Who is my reader?
  • How are my clients? What are they like?
  • What do my consumers expect of me? What information are they looking for? What voice and tone do they prefer?
  • What tone should I use to satisfy the client’s needs?

Your voice can sound empathetic, polite and friendly as well as serious and decisive. It all depends on who will be your audience. Find the right “voice” and stick to it consistently. On the other hand, you can “play” with a tone, depending on the information you want to convey. This will encourage people to follow your website because they never know what surprise you prepared for them today 😊

You feel good when you have people at your side who understand you and listen carefully, don’t you? I will tell you a little secret: everyone does! Stand by your client’s side, listen to them and let them hear you.

Remember “People like to buy from PEOPLE”!

Author: Iryna Majdanska